Thinking about Process Framework (eTOM) conformance?

TM Forum eTOM conformance certification , whether it be for software or an organisation, is seen by many organisations as a key business advantage.

“In the 2014 Frameworx Adoption Survey 95% of all the companies surveyed are using TM Forum Frameworx.

82% of the service providers mandate Frameworx in many or all specifications – and 85% claim that Frameworx Certification for a Product or Solution has an important influence on buying decisions.”

TM Forum

But it can be a time-consuming exercise.

Working through a partner organisation, I successfully guided Apttus’ Quote to Cash  solution through the process. Conformance certification equates to a more straight-forward sales process and gives you that extra edge in a very competitive market.


Taken the TM Forum training and don’t know what to do next?

It’s not uncommon. You have taken a generic course and now you are wondering how to apply it in your particular circumstance.

“Where do I start? ” Is perhaps the most often asked question in the training courses I deliver

We can work with you to ensure that you make best use of what you have learned, by taking you to the next stage and applying it in your organisation.

So get in touch and have a chat…