Training Workshops

In-house Workshops

Understanding what things are, the ‘What’, is only part of the battle, the ‘Why’ and ‘How’  being the other key parts.

By examining each of these aspects with respect to their own circumstances, organisations can begin to deliver practical value from the theory

For non-TM Forum Member Companies or Member Companies who wish to run a specific workshop on understanding and how to apply Frameworx or CEM within their organisation we offer a range of in-house workshops, standard and bespoke. Our rates are very competitive and sessions can be arranged for as few as 4 attendees.

In addition to staff awareness workshops, some of our clients like to offer places to their customers as a thank you or as part of the education phase of a Frameworx or CEM based project.


We provide these services:

Workshops on TM Forum Frameworx standards, covering the What, Why and How of the four Frameworx (NGOSS)  frameworks,

  • Process Framework (eTOM),
  • Information Framework (SID),
  • Application Framework (TAM) and the
  • Implementation Framework (TNA)

The workshops cover:

  • What these frameworks are
  • Why, they are important to your business
  • How to make best use of them

These workshops are customised according to the needs of our customers. Whether it’s your sales team wanting to present your products in terms of the frameworks, managers looking for the business benefits, invitation to tender documents to be written or projects to be delivered, then we can demonstrate how using TM Forum standards can help.

Customer Experience Management

Again customised to your need, these workshops consider the options, examine how other industries have approached the subject and how CEM can be applied to maximise the benefit to your business.



TM Forum Training

To be clear, we do not provide basic training courses to TM Forum members.  If you are a TM Forum member and wish to find out more about the courses offered by the TM Forum, please click on the link below.

What we do offer, are bespoke workshops.

If you are a TM Forum member company and wish to find out more about forthcoming Forum events, please check out the web site at